Jett Rebel - Truck - Cassette

Jett Rebel - Truck - Cassette

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Uitgave (jaar) 2016
Label (Alt-tag) Sony Music
Medium Cassette
Artikelnummer JETR-CASS-TRUCK


Tracklist 1

1.It's Cruel
2.Now I Know
3 Trucker's Towel
4. Can't Start Crying Now
5.Get Well Soon Allyson
6.Got a Clarinet!
7.Do You Feel Alright?
8.How to Take Care of You
10.Casio Interlude 2
11.The Love You Give
12.It's Cruel Reprise
13.Tape 1 Side B (extracts)
14.Dream Girl
15.Nothing's Gonna Change my Mind
16.In my Mind
17.This Song is not Suitable for Radio
18.I Wanna Be a Songwriter
19.Automatic Orange Juice Machine
20.Sometimes You Don't Feel Happy
21.Do You Feel Alright? (Pt. II)
22.Going On
23.Around You
24.I've Got a New Watch / Overture
25.Feel Like I Can Take On the World Again
26.You're Still You